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Welcome to The Smart Fit Fitness Blog!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Before we get started you should know why you can trust me and the information I share with you, what obstacles I have faced to get here, and why, deep down, I care so damn much.

The Professional Introduction

My name is Bryan Rodriguez and I am the founder of The Smart Fit. I create the exercise programs, course and blog content, and co-create recipes alongside my wife Alazne. I believe in offering the best service to every client and enjoy the challenges that come with the continuous pursuit of improvement. I want to be able to help others who want to improve their lives by being their source of valid and good information. I have both my Bachelor's & Master's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion specializing in Exercise Physiology. I've been coaching, teaching and personal training for over 10 years in the USA and Spain. I'm a proud member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and hold the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As a strength coach I've worked worked with people of all ages across a multitude of sports and health goals through exercise, nutritional, and healthy habit development.

The Personal Background

Okay, so now that you have met the pro version, let me tell you who I am so you can know why I am the way I am and what to expect from this project. I grew up in both Cicero and Oak Park Illinois, both are westside suburbs on the border of Chicago, Both places offered me unique experiences some good and some very bad. I am the oldest male cousin and growing up was the role model for many of them. I enjoyed the responsibility of taking care of them and being a good example. I was a year-round athlete in middle school and high school participating in cross country, track and field, volleyball, American football, and wrestling. I did boxing for a few years in my late teens and early twenties. I was good, very good in everything I did, but I was not great. That's what lead me to discover exercise science.

I was living in Spain with my girlfriend, now wife, at the time and I was just exercising on my own, but not for any sport in particular. I wanted to learn how to help people be their best since I now realized that had I had someone to coach me better and know how the body worked than I would have avoided the injuries that prevented me from competing at a higher level. I discovered exercise science and I convinced my wife to pick up and move to Boca Raton, Florida so I could get my bachelor's at Florida Atlantic University. For 5 years her and I worked 7 days a week. I worked full time and studied full time, because I was not there to waste any time. I graduated my bachelors and was offered a graduate assistant position which convinced me to stay and complete my masters. I taught classes at the university I once took classes at, and I loved it. Teaching and coaching is what I am supposed to do.

Now I am back in Spain, Basque Country if you want to get political, and carving my own path. This brings me to this project, The Smart Fit. In this specific blog I plan to share all my knowledge related to exercise and fitness. Specifically, it will be about strength training and and weight lifting, how to create your own exercise programs, which exercises are better than others, how your body physically changes based on stress you put it under, and how to feel physically great, look great, and injury free. Along the way there will definitely be other post on say cardio training or other types of exercises and how they affect people of all ages from children to senior citizens.

Why I Care Too much

My why? I think it is just instilled in me since I was a child, that I must look after others and lead by example. Teaching and empowering others feels good. Seeing others I have helped succeed is a great reward. In short, I hope to create a positive feedback loop of us lifting each other up and enjoying life.

Thanks For Hanging Around

That is everything in a nutshell and now we get to work. I look forward to engaging with you, answering your questions, and providing life changing perspectives and habit for you and the ones around you to adopt.

On that note, leave a comment below and tell me what fitness/exercise related topic you would like me to cover. Do you want to know how exercise actually makes us healthy, do you want to know which exercises you should be doing, or maybe you want to where to start. Whatever it is I am ready to take it on.

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Dream It. Learn It. Do It.

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1 Comment

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us!

I have recently turned vegetarian and would love help making a meal plan.

Also, I have annoying belly fat that I would like to shed, and tighten my core.

Can you help me with these things?

I'm so excited for transformation! Thank you so much!

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