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Discover the heart of The Smart Fit Life. Here our passion for fitness, professionalism, and personalized care shines through. Learn about our mission, values, and commitment to helping you achieve your fitness goals with expertise and compassion. Join us on this journey to wellness – together, we'll make every step count.

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Dream it. Learn it. Do it.

Bryan Rodriguez has been involved in competitive sports since he can remember which has developed many skills both physically and mentally. He has both his Bachelor's & Master's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion specializing in exercise physiology. He has been coaching and teaching for over 10 years in the USA and Spain.  He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and holds the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  As a strength coach he has worked with athletes of all ages across a multitude of sports. Additionally, he personally trains clients of the general population to guide them through exercise, nutritional, and healthy habit development. He believes in offering the best service to every client and is in continuous pursuit of improvement. He enjoys the challenges that come with coaching and wants to be able to help others who want to improve their lives by being their source of valid and good information. Currently he is preparing to become a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the ISSN and working on the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator certification to coach tactical athletes like police officers, firefighters, military and other first responders. Additionally, he is working on the Pre- and Post-Natal Certification which would allow him to specialize with the female population throughout pregnancy.

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Dream it. Learn it. Do it.

Alazne Requies is a key member of The Smart Fit who creates the recipes and video content for the blogs and social media. Alazne believes that sharing lifestyle choices, recipes and workouts we can help others live a more balanced life. She has her Bachelor's in Nursing from the University of The Basque Country. She has been working as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit since 2007. As a registered nurse in both Spain and the USA she has seen how different cultures and lifestyles influence the quality of life. She competed nationally in Spain as a rhythmic gymnast until she was 21 years old. She was also the assistant coach for Premier Rhythmic Gymnastics in Boca Raton, Florida from 2014 to 2019. When she is done saving lives she likes lifting weights, dancing, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite foods are croquettes, San Jacobos, and Basque green peppers grown in her father's garden. She is bright, caring, hardworking, and overall energetic.

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Dream it. Learn it. Do it.

Janel Medina is the head pilates instructor and a personal trainer at The Smart Fit. Janel believes that living healthily and managing stress is important to a balanced lifestyle. Her motto is to always be positive and help others feel good about themselves, strong and energetic. As a certified pilates instructor with the IFPTF (International Fitness, Pilates and Personal Training Federation), she creates full-body routines to improve strength, flexibility and control. As a full-time mother and wife of 3 boys (husband included) she finds her drive. Exercise and sports have always been a part of her life and she tries to prioritize physical activity daily. She has been running marathons since 2012 and been to 3 continents. She has three Master's in Public Relations, Communication, and Consulting in Public Image from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Instituto Universitario Jose Ortega y Gasset, Spain, and Colegio Consultores, Mexico. Between her degrees and passion she gives you the tools to be your best.  

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