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Personal Training

Everything you need to know about our personal training.

Personal Training

Who is personal training for?

Our Personal Training is for busy professionals who value their long-term health and have goals to improve it through exercise, but don’t want to waste their time planning workouts that don’t work. It’s also perfect for parents and students who are balancing family or school and want to get the most out of their limited time working out.

What is personal training?

A normal personal trainer provides one-on-one guidance for clients who want to improve their physical health through exercise. At The Smart Fit, we listen carefully and consider your likes, dislikes, wants, needs and much more to come up with plenty of options to get those goals.

What are The Smart Fit PT sessions like?

The 45-minute sessions are energizing and fun. Between the lights, music and laughs you will wonder why you haven’t worked out like this before. The value of your time is undeniable, so we optimize your training. From the dynamic warm-up, through the circuit training, and stress-managing cool-down you will have a whole-body experience inside and out.

What features are included in The Smart Fit PT program?

1. Professional exercise testing for health assessment and goal setting
2. Science based exercise program
3. Basic nutritional consultation
4. State-of-the-art equipment
5. Smart phone app access

What are the benefits of The Smart Fit personal training?

1. Exercise testing aligns your program and goals
2. Long-term programs show the big picture of health
3. Timely sessions optimize your time and energy
4. Science based programs give purpose to exercising
5. Motivation and accountability keep you engaged
6. Education enlightens the effects of the day’s training on long-term health
7. Fun, entertaining, and energizing workouts make exercising more enjoyable
8. Private one-on-one training accelerates the skill learning process
9. Basic nutritional consultation raises awareness of dietary habits
10. Stress management helps reduces risk of illness and injury

Why should I care about working out and personal training?

What good is money and time if you don’t have the health to spend them? Everyday more and more people invest in their health by making better fitness and dietary decisions because they recognize its value. At The Smart Fit, we understand the changes people grow through over time and through our philosophy we do our best to set you up for a successful, healthy, and strong life.

How do your clients feel about their training?

“I have been working with Bryan and The Smart Fit for almost two years and I can only think of good things to say. They make fitness a smooth process and are always available. They adapt 100% to your objectives, capacities, and schedules. If something does not work for you or does not bring you closer to your goal, they will change the plan as many times as necessary until you find the right program, although when you see how the program works, you see it will be successful. I recommend it. If you are tired of trying and not getting started or want to achieve a goal and you don't even know how to start, he is your man.”
-Elena Barros

Are you ready to start or want more information? Here’s what to do next…

If you are ready to start, then book your individual personal training session or package. Thanks for investing in your health! In the next 24 hours you should receive an email including a health history questionnaire for you to complete. Once you submit that questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule the first session and clear up any questions you may have. We are looking forward to guiding you towards your goals.

If you would like more information, please fill out our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours.

Dream it. Learn it. Do it.

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